Free lifetime Will storage

We offer Free lifetime Will storage via our Associates Kings Court Trust.

Keeping your Will safe – Why is it important?

You have made the sensible decision to make a Will.  This document is vitally important in enabling you to leave clear instructions on how your estate is to be distributed, as well as explaining any specific wishes that you may want to followed once you have passed away.

The importance of the decisions that you have made means that you need to ensure that your Will is kept safe and secure.  If anything happens to your Will or if your executor doesn’t know where to find it, you may as well not have written one.

The original Last Will and Testament is the only document that will be legally accepted and it must be in pristine condition to ensure that there are no complications when following the wishes set out in it.  Therefore, it is vital that your documents and are stored appropriately so that it meets the specific requirements of the Probate Courts when it is presented by your executor(s).

Unfortunately, families often encounter problems when it comes to acting upon the wishes of their loved ones.  Understandably, many people don’t like to talk about their plans for later life which can lead to common issues such as:

  • The family being unaware that a Will has been written in the first place
  • The executors not knowing where the Will is stored
  • Wills being stored inappropriately which can lead to them being damaged or lost

Storing my Will at home is safe… isn’t it?

Many people will understandably assume that the safest place to store their Will is within their home.  However, what happens if the worse happens and your house is burgled, damaged by fire or flooded?  What if the documents are mislaid during a move or clear out?  Research by the Certainty Will register shows that the majority of family members (67%) wouldn’t know where their relative’s Will is stored at home.

Even if you do store the document in a safe and secure location, it will mean that the Will has not been included on the National Will Register.  This is the UK wide database of all Wills and is the first place that a legal professional will check should the executors be unable to locate the document themselves.

Professional Free lifetime Will storage solutions – for complete peace of mind

We can offer you the safest option when it comes to storing your Will.  We will take ownership and full responsibility for the lifetime storage of your Will, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We will:

  • Register your Will on the National Will Register so that it can be found quickly and easily
  • Store the documents in a fully insured, professional facility guaranteed against flood and fire damage
  • Provide you with a unique reference number so that you can retrieve the Will at any time
  • Give you access to a Freephone helpdesk who can answer any questions that you may have

A professional storage solution

Kings Court Trust store over 100,000 Wills at a professional storage facility near Corsham in Wiltshire.  Originally designed as a secure, underground bunker for use in times of war, it has now been professionally converted into a state of the art document storage facility.

How will my documents be protected?

The facility offers a number of security features which ensure that your Will is completely protected against any risks that could damage or invalidate it:

  • A fully air conditioned, temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Full protection against flooding and water damage
  • Full protection against fire and smoke using gas suppression agents that will not damage documents
  • Bar coded registration to ensure ease of access and retrieval
  • A fully secured facility, monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day
  • Access limited to registered staff only, enforced by secure entry 

The facility meets ISO 9001 and ISO14001 quality management standards.  It also meets the BSI PD 5454 standard for the preservation of archived materials.

How do I get my Free lifetime Will storage

Please contact Bristol & West Legal Services via the contact us page, call 01173790121 or email . We will be able to organise the storage of your documents.  Upon receipt of the document, Kings Court Trust will send you a letter confirming the storage details, your unique reference number and information on how to retrieve the document.