What’s included in a funeral plan?

We offer 6 different funeral plan options which suit all tastes and budgets. The plans are also flexible enough to be added to enable us to offer a funeral plan to achieve the style and feeling you want for your funeral. All of these plans as an absolute minimum include a lined fitted coffin, 24 hour transfer of the deceased, care and preparation of the deceased, and associated funeral directors fees and services. See our plan comparison page.
On top of this all plans with the exception of our direct cremation and basic plans include a £1200 allowance to cover cremation fees/interment fees, doctors fees and minister/celebrant fees. This is not always included on lots of plans for sale or sometimes the plans offer less than £1200,which could mean a shortfall that your family would have to make up, as stated all our plans carry this £1200 allowance except for direct cremation plan and basic plan, this is important to check before buying. These plans are also extremely flexible so you can choose to go green, have a painted or themed coffin, motorcycle and sidecar hearse, themed funeral, music of your choice, a celebration of your life, tailor them to suit your preferences obviously additional costs may be applicable depending on the nature and extent of your funeral ideas.

To get the best idea of what a funeral plan can do for you we would recommend a face to face meeting to discuss in detail what you want and tailor the plan to suit you not the other way round!

Call one of the owners of the business on 01173790121 and speak to Mark or Don for a personal service and access to our free funeral plan planning service.